As women, we share a unique relationship with one another. As mothers, the bond strengthens even more. I believe we understand one another better than our spouses understand us, we need each other. I’ll never forget when I first found out I was pregnant with Ava. Immediately, there was a noticeable difference in my relationship with other mother’s, an acceptance from a new group of women—the unspoken society of motherhood.

They saw me differently than before. For some women, it marked the day I finally grew up and with others, I discovered a unique compassion. I was invited in; a new-found respect took hold. (And I hadn’t even done anything yet!) This quiet allegiance to one another becomes idle potential for us, an unmarked treasure on our journey– to stretch, grow and connect in ways no other species is capable—that is when we aren’t busy comparing our child’s latest accomplishment.

While I believe motherhood is the greatest gift we will encounter in life; (I can’t think of one woman I have met to say differently), we don’t always recognize or utilize this gift of camaraderie. Instead, we get tangled in a competitive web of judgment as we struggle with our own self doubt by measuring ourselves up next to every other mother. Our ability to open and connect with one another as women becomes our nemesis. Our culture doesn’t recognize lying down in complete humiliation-vulnerable and weak-as something valuable to share. We are to handle anything and everything in confidence and with a “mother’s intuition”.

Hindsight creates a faded perspective, a paled version of the journey. Every journey seeps a distinctive truth when perception and experience are shared during the travel. On this journey through motherhood, we ought to spend more time with one another on the course—honoring each other more often along the way,even if it means throwing ourselves under the bus every now and then.

I’ve been thinking about all the women I know and love. Those who have long been where I’m at in life, those who are here with me now, and those who have not yet crossed over to the new version of their life as a mom. This diverse group of women, who influence my perspective and personal experience, are a gift. I hope you know who you are.

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