The more I experience life, the more I am reminded of the ways in which I am blessed.  One of my favorite mantras, I repeat often, is “what we focus on, expands”.  I believe how we think dictates how we feel, and how we feel influences how we choose to behave.  When I am choosing to see what is good, I find myself creating more to be grateful for in life.

Being grateful isn’t always easy for me.  I am a realist and I like to go to the tough place first.  I am someone who is all up or all down, all in or all out.  I want to end somewhere, where I can influence, improve and make better—a place where forward motion and change can occur.

While this can be a gift, it can also be an obstacle for me.  I sometimes wonder what I’m missing out on when I find myself at the end side of a problem so quickly; are there blessings I’ve failed to recognize along the way?

I find comfort and gratitude in writing.  It’s the only thing I’ve found to slow me down.  It’s my reflective pause, my space to separate things.  Thankfully, writing has been a means of expressing gratitude and focusing on what is good.

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