Ava shared her bucket list with us today.


I am inspired.  Here’s what I notice:

She is intentional.

She takes the time to write it down and posts it on the wall in the kitchen where she can be reminded every day.

She is committed.

It doesn’t take her long to complete (15 minutes or so).  Once her pen hits the paper, she goes for it.

She is clear.

As I watch her write, she makes each addition with confidence and clarity.

She is specific.

The details are calculated and measured.

She is fearless.

From acquiring 1,000 stickers to becoming the Easter bunny, she sets no limits.

And then she wants to see mine. My bucket list includes a few messy notes here and there; I had nothing to show her.  I have work to do.

As a parent, it’s easy to spend more time telling than listening.  In this moment, I was listening, I was learning.  As Ava shared her bucket list with me, I felt something happen between us.  I had a glance at what is important to her right now. I felt more connected to her. I understand more clearly where she is and where she wants to go.  I realize I don’t engage in this way with her often enough.

Big and small, everything is invited to make the list.  A bucket list provides clarity, motivation and focus.  It allows us to participate with intention through activities and challenges in life we desire and choose.

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