Lead, Must-read


vytautas-dranginis-588110-unsplashThe best athletes in the world train together. Training with fellow like-minded individuals enables them to create a community where they share best practices and habits, pushing beyond personal limitations.  The same is true of the most influential and successful leaders I know.  What makes these athletes and leaders world-class? There are five corresponding traits I recognize in both.

Mindset + Belief system:  These individuals have a psychological edge over the competition which boosts their overall performance.  They consistently set goals and visualize these goals actualized. They are confident in their ability and know they are capable of another level, they believe they can be and do more.

Intentional + Consistent: Their days begin and end with consistent practice and routine. They don’t wing it and leave their day to randomness! Their performance thrives from focused, deliberate training and education.  Practice is a priority and they are always learning. They evaluate their progress and consistently check-in with how they are performing.

Personal well-being:  Self-care in both body and mind are a priority.  They are health conscious about how they feed and fuel their body.  These leaders and athletes responsibly manage their energy and understand the power of making time for mental rest and recovery. They commit to a daily practice that supports their mental well-being.

Endurance:  They are comfortable with being uncomfortable, pushing harder than most.  Their ability to consistently go beyond their comfort zone teaches them resilience, giving them an edge to get back up and go again.  When the competition  closes in, they have what it takes to pull ahead.

PLAY:  Understanding how to enjoy life makes these humans special.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and are committed to intentionally seeking out and making time for the things in life that bring them joy.  They know who they are and what motivates them to keep moving forward. When it comes to priorities, PLAY is at the top of their list!

Regardless if you are leading a company or your family, the quality of your community will impact your performance and potential. Surround yourself with those who will inspire, teach, and challenge you to think, act and lead a world-class life.


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