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DSC_0027I decided to skip the gym and spend time writing at my computer instead.  We were in our third temporary housing, awaiting a remodel on our new home, back to the quiet of the country where our hearts belong.  To call living out of boxes, unorganized and out of routine, an adventure, is a bit of a stretch for me. During this trying time I learned there’s an upside to being thrown out of my norm.  It opens opportunity for growth and new ideas to emerge.

On the outside, I am a wife, mother, coach, and Real Estate company business owner. Inside, I’m a control freak, over thinker, perfectionist and still struggle with confidence. Overcoming how I get in my own way of personal and professional growth has been and continues to be an obsession of mine. I’m an avid reader, I listen to a ridiculous amount of podcasts, a huge fan of taking classes, and have been coached and mentored by some incredible humans.

I am blessed, my heart and plate are full.  Yet, for months I’d wrestled with an unsettling feeling.  I had reached a place in life and my career where I began feeling restless, a desire for challenge and growth. There was more for me to do and be and share.  I wholeheartedly believe there’s always a next level for all of us and it begins with one decision, one small step.

Having no idea where it would lead me, the one thing I knew for certain was I needed to start something new, something that mattered to me.  My intention has been to create a community and space to share all the truths I have learned, the things I’m still learning and new ideas to inspire growth in my life and those of others.

So, what does it mean to be well?  There are many opinions, theories and definitions and depending on the season of life we are in, I believe living well looks different for everyone.  Our mental well-being, growth and contribution to the world are as important to our wellness as physical well-being.

On behalf of my one year anniversary on this path, I want to share my personal purpose statement with you as I think it really answers the why behind this journey.

My purpose is to be courageous, curious, and authentic.  To be intentionally present and inspired.  To inspire others for growth, their place beyond “good enough”.  To inspire them to overcome fear and take action in discovering who they want to be and how they want to show-up and share their unique gift with the world.

Thank you for the support, encouragement and coming alongside me on this journey. I’m committed to continue bringing inspiration, knowledge, and practical tactics to help you live a life of intention.  I’m currently having a ton of fun working on creating some online classes to offer in the future.  I’ve finally started writing the book I’ve always dreamed about, what a difference a year makes.

We all have something more we want to do or be or share and a million reasons why we shouldn’t or can’t begin right now–I get it!  It’s been my story too.  Even if you start small and have no idea where you’re going, if it lights you up and makes you come alive, this is when you know it’s time to begin.

If there is something you have loved here in this space or would love to see offered in a class or explore and learn more about, please comment and share with me.  I’d love to hear from you!


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