15AE81E4-227F-41E0-A1F3-7CE693A255A9Engage. Learn. Play.

Engage in next level networking.

After a couple jam packed days of education and connection among hundreds of fellow learners, how will you be remembered? Connect with the people you meet with these two things in mind.

  1. Be interested.  Ask great questions and listen more than you speak.  Make notes of your conversation on the back of their biz card before heading to dinner for follow-up later.  What if you’re the only one who remembers something about them after the event?
  2. Work the room.  I know, it’s easy to wedge yourself between your bff’s because they are fun and comfortable and safe. BUT, they aren’t your opportunity to build a new relationship and connection.  Grab your beverage of choice and move through the room.  

Expert Tip: you don’t need to hear their entire life story!  Limit yourself to the amount of time you spend with one person.

Learn at least one thing to implement right away.

  1. High performance begins with the right mindset.  Set an intention to be the student and stay open to learning a new way of doing old things.
  1. Too many good ideas?  Sometimes these events can be so awesome it can be overwhelming–this is good news!  Review the agenda ahead of time. Take note of any questions you hope to get answered at the event and take good notes on what you learn.  End each session with your top 3 takeaways to help prioritize what you are going to accomplish first when you get home.

Expert Tip: Sit next to strangers!  Learn about someone from a different part of the world.  This can give you a fresh, new perspective and provide an opportunity to create new relationships and connections.  

PLAY and have fun.  

Look forward to connecting and collaborating with an incredible group of humans who will challenge and inspire you to grow!  

Expert Tip:  Hydrate and get plenty of rest.  Set auto-responders, tell your clients you are out of the office, get coverage, truly time-out.  Set boundaries for allowing yourself to be fully present in the experience, you deserve it!        

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