Must-read, Reflect


kawin-harasai-221616-unsplashDo you have a gratitude practice?  There has been a ton of research and discussion about the power of gratitude.  The work of Brene Brown teaches us about the impossibility of feeling fear while experiencing gratitude.  The practice of consistently identifying what we are grateful for each day not only helps us overcome fear but can change how and what we notice about our life. When we focus on all the negativity (and there’s plenty of it out there) it magnifies the fear and scarcity in our own life.

Starting each day with gratitude shifts our attention to all the goodness around us, including the blessings that already exist in our life.  I’ve been personally practicing gratitude for years and it’s been a game changer. Over the years I’ve been able to deepen my gratitude practice inspired from the great work of happiness researcher Shawn Achor, taking gratitude to the next level.  If you already have a gratitude practice, try diving a bit deeper and answer for yourself why you are grateful for the person, thing, or whatever you identify makes you grateful.  This small shift in practice, consistently over time, magnifies gratitude and joy, bringing exponential impact.  Science and research tells us it deepens the meaning of the message and leaves neurological impact on your brain that allows you to more spontaneously access gratitude when you need it.

What if the next time you are faced with challenge, you first notice what is good? Exercise your gratitude muscle to build resilience, it works!

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